Who would want to be a CyberHobo?

I was asked, “who’d want to be a Hobo or even CyberHobo?”

All I could think of is someone who didn’t want to be on someone else clock all the time. Someone who didn’t want the responsibility of owning a home, or worry about the IRS taking everything they have. Someone who wants to decide where they’d like to sleep, eat, work, and play every day. Somebody who didn’t just want a vacation 1 week per year but in this short life was on vacation every day. Someone who doesn’t want to hear their electric payment is late or their water might get shut off, or the cable company threatening to shut of the cable TV. Someone who doesn’t want a cell phone and can read all day. WOW… only Bill Gates can live like that. Nope Hoboes around the world wake up every day with the world as their back yard. We’ll fish for dinner, sing some song around a fire, listen to someone recite some poetry, and laugh till we cry.

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