Why do a lot of Hobo have dogs?

Someone sent me a question about, “why do a lot of Hobos have dogs?”

merlinI guess the main reason a lot of Hobos have dogs is that being a Hobo is a life of solitude. It may sound strange to some but it’s for companionship. I think we all want to have someone there for us, and some want someone to care for. May sound stupid but someone to love and be loved.  I’ve known people to love their dogs why more than any other person in the world. Even to the point that they split their food 50-50. To them their dog is part of their family or all the family they have. Having a dog while traveling is a big burden so when I see someone who has traveled all over with theirs I salute them.

This one guy, Worker Bob, love this little mixed breed dog named ‘Scraps’ more than I’ve known some to love their kids. If he got a cheeseburger so did Scraps. If he drank a beer, Scraps got a little bowl of beer. He would take Scraps to the vet and wouldn’t see a doctor himself. He talked to Scraps as if he was a person and sometimes I’d almost expect Scraps to answer. Worker Bob came down with cancer and he checked himself out of the hostpital because he didn’t want Scraps to be alone. Scraps passed away suddenly and Worker Bob lived two more weeks and died himself. I really believe he wanted to go to the afterlife with his dog. If I had died a came back as a dog I’d wanted to have been Scraps. Ol’ Worker Bob wouldn’t have taken a billion dollars for that ol’ ugly loyal dog… Rest in Peace (both of you)

It is odd that all Hobos (or most) chose the solitude way of life and then choose to get a pet. Oddly enough though people trust a person who has a dog with them more than the ones without pets.

That’s my 5 year old border collie, Merlin. My previous border collie, “Hobo” died 7 years ago. Both dogs are super sweet and very intelligent. Hobo had hip displashia and I spend a couple thousand dollars on him trying to fix him up. Poor dog lived in a lot of pain there at the end.

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