Dangerous Stuff


This is a bottle of my mixed “SUPER HOT” Chili powder. A little bit of someones food will have them crying for 30 minutes or so. I’ve got several small packets I carry with me. This mixture is Carolina Reaper, Ghost Peppers, Moruga Scorpions, and a few others I’ve grown.

If you really dislike someone sprinkle a little in their underwear, on their shower soap, or toothbrush. Or sprinkle it around in their house, a light amount and they’ll never see it. (counters, pillows, toilet seat). Some asshole parks to close to you or bangs your door, sprinkle a bit on their door handle.

Put some on the paper towel holder in the bathroom, or toilet paper. They’ll burn like they’re in HELL. Don’t let anyone find out it was you. LOL

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