How to Get Abducted by Aliens

area51_alienwatchout_lg_clrWork-a-day routines dominate the lives of most everyone today. While some may enjoy the routine of the banal, others have a need to change things up. What could be a better than a break from the norm than an experience with the paranormal. Getting abducted by aliens is not for everyone but can be a nice change of pace.

#1. Move to the nearest trailer park. Aliens are reluctant to abduct people from structures that are attached to the earth. It possibly has something to do with aliens being travelers themselves. Whatever the reason, the potential abductee needs to sell that four-bedroom home and get to a double-wide as soon as possible.

#2. Quit work. Aliens are fiscally responsible beings and do not want to take productive members of the workforce out of commission for an extended period. After all, if they abducted enough economically productive members of our society eventually the economy would collapse. A collapsed economy and chaos would be counterproductive because the aliens want us to continue living life as normally as possible while their studies move forward.

#3. Be open to new experiences. This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of alien abduction. Simply having an open mind can make a person more accepting to the various probes and experiments aliens conduct. Aliens need people willing to look at things from a different perspective or the abduction will not be a win-win situation.

#4. Have plenty of time to spare. Alien abductions take time and if someone has busy schedule it will just not work for either party. A person needs to have plenty of leisure time for an alien abduction because, after all, the aliens control when an abductees returns. The last thing a person needs is to return from an abduction and have to catch up on appointments and responsibilities.

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