Cowboy Stew

2-3 lb. ground beef
2 – 15oz cans of chili beans
1 tbsp. butter

Brown Beef in butter in Dutch open oven. Add beans and cook slowly 15 minutes in covered oven. Serves 8

Beef Goulash

3 lbs beef, cubed
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp. Cooking Oil
1 can mushroom soup

Brown beef in the cooking oil in the open oven; add salt and con of soup. Place lid on Dutch oven and cook over low fire 1 hour; add water if needed. Serves 8


  1. Add some chopped carrots or onions
  2. Use vegetable soup instead of mushroom soup
  3. Use 1 can soup and 1 small can or corn

Stop sending me nasty emails

04_6I’m telling you guys when some people see tits they freak out… listen I love boobies, tits, titties, breast, boobs, mombos, hooters, man-toys, and whatever else you call them.  If you come to the site and are offended in any way…please…please leave. HIT THE X, press the back button, select another site from bookmarks. Sorry but I love them… I love to touch them, kiss them, look at them, watch them, and anything else I can get away with doing to them.

I’m a guy… a pig, a boobie lover… so sorry. Just stop emailing me nasty messages that I offend you and I’m a pig, and it’s people like me who offend women. Listen, if a woman doesn’t want you looking at them she would put them up and out on display. Their not paying several thousands of dollars to have them ignored. They want you to look, stare, drool, and fantasies about them, and then go home and masturbate to them.

I honestly think other than feeding a baby God put them on a woman for men to have something to hold onto and play with. He gave us all shapes and sizes.

Did I miss something… Am I wrong? Is she NOT displaying the puppies for us?

Quite Possibly, The World’s Perfect Food

09_3This reminded me of when I was in college my professor was telling us a subject for an “Impromptu Speech” in a public speaking class. We’ll everyone else was getting, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, or some other current topic that was happening at the time. He had given me a little hard time because everyone else would spend days preparing for a speech and I’d write mine and prepare 15 minutes prior to the class starting.  I’d score some easy A’s and really didn’t understand why this class was so hard for a lot of people. So when I walked up to the stairs to the stage he looks at me and says 1 word, “Banana”. What I said, Banana he responded so up I went scrambling through my head thinking, WTF?

Thank Goodness it was only a 2 minute speech and worth 30% of our grade. I smiled at the room full of people (they’d given away free lunches to staff and students to watch) and started.

Most people think of the Banana as simply a piece of fruit. But a banana throughout history has been a big part of the worlds population diet but also they have been a great source entertainment. In a lot of silent film they used banana’s as part of their slapstick humor. In Tarzan they used it as an insentive to get Cheetah to perform his lines correctly, and in Gilligan’s Island it was constantly used as a prop. (Now here is what got them) Today we still see Banana being used as entertainment. Just last weekend I was at a local club and women would get up on stage and have “Banana Eating Contest”. They would eat them whole, or nibble them a little at a time, or treat them as if they were a Popsicle. Now this was one of my favorite contest that I’ve seen at night clubs. …well at that point I had the entire audience wide eyed (including the professor) and laughing and smiling.  I ended the speech by saying, “You know what is said about a Banana… “Quite Possibly, The World’s Perfect Food”.

Well I got a standing ovation for that and an “A” for the speech! Of course as I walked of the professor just looked at me and said, “I would have bet money I had thrown you off.” He shook my hand and said, “you’re a born speaker”.

The next time in the classroom everyone keep asking how did I find out what he was giving, and swore that I would have had to prepare. But even the professor said that he was making them up as the students walked on stage.

Anyway I love this photo, I don’t know why but I love it!

Passing of a Brother Hobo

Francis De Lorenzo Sr.cn12989710_024326

Francis Paul De Lorenzo Sr., 83, of Artisan Lane, went to “Catch The Westbound” Aug. 13, 2013, at Speare Memorial Hospital, in Plymouth, N.H.

“Rest In Peace” my friend!

Dang Fran I thought you were just busy and wasn’t answering my email messages.