Hattie My German Shepherd

German ShepherdHattie My German Shepherd.  She has destroyed my pepper, swimming pool liner, planter pots, shoes, 5 hoses, pool floaties, ate my daughters 4 wheeler seat, and much more. She is one destructive dog, but we still love her. 

Since I was small I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd dog. We have had a few over the years but some didn’t work out. 

Our first shepherd was Duke. Duke was a male and a gorgeous dog. We lived in a subdivision and Duke grew into a huge dog. We had a 4-foot chain link fence installed and he could easily jump over that. A friend of our with a lot of property had always wanted him so we finally broke down and let her have him.

Dakota was next. Dakota was an awesome dog but as she grew so did her energy. She kept barking and barking and the neighbors complained so we finally felt bad and gave her to my sister law. We tried everything to quieten her down.

We moved to a home with 2 acres of property. So we got another one and named her Ziva. Ziva was a good dog with a very good temperament.  Unfortunately, she had some skin disease and after spending a lot of money on her was told there was really nothing to do for her. We had to put her down and she was a young dog. That broke our hearts.

Hattie, The German Shepherd

So, for my 52 Birthday, my wife and kids bought me, Hattie. I named her after Hattie McDaniels. She is a brat, to say it nicely. She is a beautiful dog and aggravates everyone and everything. Yes, she chews and aggravates our pig to death but she isn’t going anywhere. She is in her second training session and is about 1 1/2 years old so hopefully, she’ll calm down soon. lol

Cheapskate Travelers

Cheapskate travelers will find no shortage of tips on how to travel cheap and on a budget. They learn the best time of year to book flights, how to rent out your home while gone, hobo websites that promise half-off on flights by being on standby at 2:45 am, and so forth. But the ultimate cheap travel move? Don’t pay. For anything… travel like a Hobo, The Ultimate Adventure

How to Report a UFO Sighting

ufo1. Remain calm. The second you begin to realize that you might be witnessing a UFO, your heart might start racing. Take a deep breath and keep your eyes on the mysterious object.

2. Look at your watch. It’s important that you make note of the exact time that you’ve witnessed this event so that it can be checked to see if anyone viewed a similar phenomenon at the same time.

3. Observe as many details as you can. Of particular value to the agencies involved are these observations:
○  what the object did
○  how many of them were observed
○  what shape and color they were
○  if there were lights on the object
○  if the object left a trail
○  if there was an aura or haze around the object
○  if the object emitted other objects
○  if the object emitted beams
○  if the object changed color
○  if the object landed
○  if the object made a sound
○  if there were aircraft in the vicinity, or aircraft chasing the object
○  if there were electrical or magnetic effects, such as a car engine stopping

4. Note the time when the sighting concluded (i.e. you stopped seeing any unusual, inexplicable phenomena). It’s very easy to lose track of time when you are confronted with an unfamiliar situation, so be sure to check a watch or clock as soon as you can after the incident and estimate how long the sighting lasted.

5. Immediately write down what you witnessed, including the details noted above. Be sure to include the time, location, weather information, approximate size, and information about other witnesses if appropriate. Try to draw a rough visual representation of what you saw while it is fresh in your mind.

6. Report the sighting to the appropriate agencies. A UFO witness can report a sighting to the following organizations:
○  Local law enforcement agencies.
○  National UFO Reporting Center
○  Mutual UFO Network
○  Center for UFO Studies

More Coffee Please

Sometimes we see a Hobo with dead black eyes
We think to ourselves, how sad he must be

This truth is he’s burned out from all the excitement and joy
You see he has seen all there is to see, not known by you and me

He’s just recharging to go on another Adventure
He’s not one to pity, it is us that he pities, as he looks up and says, more coffee please.

How to Get Abducted by Aliens

area51_alienwatchout_lg_clrWork-a-day routines dominate the lives of most everyone today. While some may enjoy the routine of the banal, others have a need to change things up. What could be a better than a break from the norm than an experience with the paranormal. Getting abducted by aliens is not for everyone but can be a nice change of pace.

#1. Move to the nearest trailer park. Aliens are reluctant to abduct people from structures that are attached to the earth. It possibly has something to do with aliens being travelers themselves. Whatever the reason, the potential abductee needs to sell that four-bedroom home and get to a double-wide as soon as possible.

#2. Quit work. Aliens are fiscally responsible beings and do not want to take productive members of the workforce out of commission for an extended period. After all, if they abducted enough economically productive members of our society eventually the economy would collapse. A collapsed economy and chaos would be counterproductive because the aliens want us to continue living life as normally as possible while their studies move forward.

#3. Be open to new experiences. This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of alien abduction. Simply having an open mind can make a person more accepting to the various probes and experiments aliens conduct. Aliens need people willing to look at things from a different perspective or the abduction will not be a win-win situation.

#4. Have plenty of time to spare. Alien abductions take time and if someone has busy schedule it will just not work for either party. A person needs to have plenty of leisure time for an alien abduction because, after all, the aliens control when an abductees returns. The last thing a person needs is to return from an abduction and have to catch up on appointments and responsibilities.

A New Year – A Fresh Start!

cyberhobo_2smallIt’s a new year and everything starts again. It’s time to forgive things that happened in the past and start new and fresh.

I guess as a Hobo you never try and burn any bridges because you didn’t know when you may meet the people down the road again.  These could be the same people you grew to know, ate dinner with, spend the holidays together and maybe the same people you’ll spend it with next year or two years from now. They because your family and family do fight with each other but you need to forgive and forget.

Well God Bless everyone is this New GREAT Year! May you all be blessed and stay safe… Till we meet again or on the west bound.

World is Backwards

Growing up my Dad told me, “Son if a cop says FREEZE… you act like a Popsicle, if they say stop, you stop. If they tell you to lay on the ground in a pile of shit you best do it or you may get shot.  Thanks Dad, that made sense.

Now if your black and the cops say freeze, that mean go ahead a run, or if they point a gun and the police the police shouldn’t shoot them.  It’s OK to charge the police and try to kill them because if the police do anything the NAACP and every black person in the community is going to be calling them racist and have them fired and prosecuted.

We do need new laws, if you point a gun at a cop your dead. If you run from the police you get shot. If you attack the police your going to get shot or get the crap beat out of you, Period. That applies to whites, blacks, spanish, muslims, asians, or whatever race, religion, or color they are.