Dangerous Stuff


This is a bottle of my mixed “SUPER HOT” Chili powder. A little bit of someones food will have them crying for 30 minutes or so. I’ve got several small packets I carry with me. This mixture is Carolina Reaper, Ghost Peppers, Moruga Scorpions, and a few others I’ve grown.

If you really dislike someone sprinkle a little in their underwear, on their shower soap, or toothbrush. Or sprinkle it around in their house, a light amount and they’ll never see it. (counters, pillows, toilet seat). Some asshole parks to close to you or bangs your door, sprinkle a bit on their door handle.

Put some on the paper towel holder in the bathroom, or toilet paper. They’ll burn like they’re in HELL. Don’t let anyone find out it was you. LOL

5 Things that Fake People Do!

img-thing1. Smile all the time.
2. Lie about stupid things.
3. Be extremely passive-aggressive.
4. Talk behind everyone’s backs.
5. Make you feel like crap. – They suck the energy out of you.

You people know who you are!

10 things I want for Dinner

Buffalo_Shrimp1.   All you can eat shrimp from Red Lobster
2.   T-Bone steak w/baked potato
3.   Chicken Cordon Blue, Mama makes it!
4.   Almond Crusted Grouper
5.   Alaskan Snow Crab Legs
6.   Real Greek Gyro
7.   Chicken Cesar Salad from the Outback
8.   Chicken Pad Thai with Chicken Satay
9.   Hooters 911 Buffalo Shrimp
10. Hibachi Chicken/ Filet Mignon / Shrimp Japanese steakhouse

These are my selections of what I’d love for dinner tonight. Of course Hooters 911 Chicken Sandwich sound awesome as well.


Paracord Uses – Almost Endless

Paracord-Commercial-Type-III-CoilThe uses for paracord are almost endless.

Here are a few….

  1. As fishing line (inner threads)
  2. Make an anchor for a boat
  3. To help build a pulley system
  4. For traps and snares
  5. As shoelaces
  6. To replace a broken bra strap
  7. To tie up a sleeping bag, or keep rolled items in place
  8. As a clothesline
  9. To help secure tents
  10. To create a tripwire
  11. For sewing (inner strands)
  12. Can be used to secure a splint
  13. To secure a tarp
  14. To tie down a load in a truck
  15. As makeshift handcuffs
  16. Pet leash or collar
  17. Throw a safety line to someone who has fallen through ice
  18. Use as a fuse
  19. To suspend food from the ground while camping
  20. To tie down broken lids or pack covers
  21. Make a net for fishing
  22. Can be used to make a hammock
  23. Wrap and weave around hands for emergency gloves
  24. To help spread an animal for field dressing
  25. Tie to large stick and pull someone out of a river
  26. Wrap a knife handle
  27. Use as a watch strap
  28. Use as a Belt or Suspenders
  29. Security Perimeter
  30. Directional Signals (signs)

And there are so many more.

Stupid Questions

3_jpgWhy do people always ask stupid questions. Is it a way to start a conversation or are they just stupid.


I’m standing there with a Coke Cola in my hand
They ask, are you having a coke?

I have all my bags and keys in my hand.
They ask, Are you leaving?

I’m reading a book.
They ask, Are you reading?

You get the point, but WTF? Why?

I try my best NOT to do this to other people unless I’m just aggravating them.   When someone does that I instantly what to give back a smartass answer. Like I’m eating a piece of pecan pie. They ask, are you eating pie? My response is, “does it look like I’m eating a pile of shit? Do you fucking know what pie looks like? What do you really think I’m eating? But I’m too polite and answer, “Oh yes, and it’s very good”, or some bullshit like that.

I think people just constantly ask stupid questions so now it has become an accepted practice. Who know just don’t ask me. LOL

Top 10 Worst Things about a Campground

camping510.  When it’s cold and no women are in bathing suits.

9.  All the freakin’ work that goes along with it.
8. Camping People – some are real scary!
7.  Bugs
6. I hate how smoke seems to follow you from the fire.
5. The “Camping Host” who take their job a little to serious… you know who you are!
4. The Geek Families… they set around and play on Ipads and have an air conditioned camper.
3. Getting up in the middle of the night and having to walk to the bathroom.
2. The noise from the generators, doors slamming, yelling, etc.
1. No Sex when kids are sleeping in the same tent.

Cowboy Stew

2-3 lb. ground beef
2 – 15oz cans of chili beans
1 tbsp. butter

Brown Beef in butter in Dutch open oven. Add beans and cook slowly 15 minutes in covered oven. Serves 8

Stop sending me nasty emails

04_6I’m telling you guys when some people see tits they freak out… listen I love boobies, tits, titties, breast, boobs, mombos, hooters, man-toys, and whatever else you call them.  If you come to the site and are offended in any way…please…please leave. HIT THE X, press the back button, select another site from bookmarks. Sorry but I love them… I love to touch them, kiss them, look at them, watch them, and anything else I can get away with doing to them.

I’m a guy… a pig, a boobie lover… so sorry. Just stop emailing me nasty messages that I offend you and I’m a pig, and it’s people like me who offend women. Listen, if a woman doesn’t want you looking at them she would put them up and out on display. Their not paying several thousands of dollars to have them ignored. They want you to look, stare, drool, and fantasies about them, and then go home and masturbate to them.

I honestly think other than feeding a baby God put them on a woman for men to have something to hold onto and play with. He gave us all shapes and sizes.

Did I miss something… Am I wrong? Is she NOT displaying the puppies for us?