CyberHobo about me Who is CyberHobo?

He is a  53 year old guy from the USA. Born in the Great State of Kentucky, and currently living in the Sunshine State.

Name: CyberHobo

Married: Happily married to a big boob nymphomaniac – CyberHobo Rocks!

Birthdate: mid 1960’s

Home: Everywhere in the USA! / / Home where the heart is.

Occupation: Contractor / Traveler / Inspector / Teacher / Internet Specialist / Gigolo

Children: Yes… they are tasty!

Hobbies: Riding my Harley, Photography, fishing, porn, collecting Hobo Memorabilia, Growing Hot Peppers & Trees, and the internet.

Keep in mind, I’m a CyberHobo not a typical Hobo. I typically have a study job and income. I just travel to work. I ride a Harley Davidson, live in a nice home, drive a new truck, and have some money in the bank. I do go on some pretty strange adventures though. I invite everyone to come along and enjoy the adventures. Please understand I am not trying to hurt any feelings on here but I refuse to pacify the pussy liberals and millennials. Sometimes we have to be a little tougher in life because it’s a tough world out there. God Bless Everyone and God Bless the USA

~ Rock On!