Wish List

Wish ListCyberHobo’s Wish List for  2017′!

  1. Hobo Bindle
  2. Hobo Quilt (2017)
  3. Hobo Pot Holders
  4. Plasma Lighter ($20)
  5. T-Shirts (5 xl)
  6. Tarp (10 x 10 or so)
  7. heavy duty backpack
  8. Small Garbage Can
  9. Portable AM/FM Radio
  10. Small First Aid Kit

Anyone who’d like to donate toward one of these items please do so. I’d much appreciate it.

Wish lists are collections of desired products saved by Hobo’s, signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase. We can only afford so much, so for survival, there are things we wish for. 


I wish
I will have a friend
With me to my dreams
With me to pray
With me to….drink

Not like to a mad
Not let me to mad….

I never like to read,
Never like to sing songs…
She may be with me to work
She may be with me to my dreams