Hobo Peppers

I’m starting to grow a few peppers in Sept. 2015.  Number 1 reason is to see if I can before winter sets in, and number 2 they are great in vitamins and I can sell some extras.

My BubbleGum x Moruga Scorpions – Favorite Pepper


JigSaw Fatalii


This is a JigSaw Fatalii, smokin’ hot pepper. They look wicked when the fruit produces.

7 Pot Primo Yellow 


My little ‘Yellow Primo’ … another pepper that is very HOT


This is a Douglah, some say the Hottest pepper there is, but I think the Reaper is still #1

7 Pot White
IMG_96287 Pot White, one pepper is enough to season 7 pots of stew. Very pretty pepper!

Black Pearl

My Black Pearl. It’s more decorative but you can eat the peppers.