Is that Gay?

I’ve heard many a time someone say, “That’s gay,” or they asked, “Is it gay?”  So,  I have come up with “Is that Gay?” page to help you sort it out and find out once and for if, in fact, that thing you did WAS gay.

(Disclaimer:  I am discriminating against homosexuals, homos, gays, in any way, shape, or form.  It’s all a joke.) Remember gays are people just like you and I. They just have an attraction to the same sex. Live and Let Live… Life is short! 

I cut-and-paste the questions so you see them as I see them.

Is that Gay?

 Question: If I’m having a threesome does that make me gay?
Answer: Well if it’s with all guys, yes you’re gay. If there is a woman involved and you don’t touch the other guy’s junk or him touch yours, you’re NOT gay.

Question: If I mistakenly check out another guy ass or legs then realize it’s a guy am I gay?
Answer: Being that you should have instantly noticed the ass or legs are attached to a guy I’ll say your a cock smoker unless it was a truly honest mistake… but never let it happen again.

Question: If I pick up this hot ass chick with a nice ass and tits but later on found out she has a dick, am I gay.
Answer: That is false advertisement. No, you’re not gay as long as you left her as soon as you found out.  But never tell anyone about this again, if so it maybe a sign that you liked it which makes you gay.

Question: If I love anal does that make me gay?
Answer: Receiving YES, giving No, it means you love ass. (Providing the ass is on a chic. )
Amended Answer:  A lot, and I mean 15, of guys, told me this could be OK if it was with a chic and she was massaging the prostrate. I’m leaving this open for a vote

Question: I got drunk and passed out at the guy’s house, and the next day my ass was very sore. I’m sure I was anally fucked. Does that mean I’m gay?
Answer: NO dumbass, you were raped. Go to the authorities and report the fuck before they rape someone else. It’s not your fault so you hold NO BLAME!  Do not let this happen to someone else for not reporting it. Nobody has a right to have sex with an unknowing or unwilling participant. RAPE IS RAPE!

Question: I love to masturbate all the time, am I gay?
Answer: If you’re thinking of men while doing it, then yes. If you’re thinking of women your a normal horny ass dude. (get a girlfriend) Get a big ol’ fat nasty girl for while… you may just like them.

Question: I was at a bar and at a private booth this chic jacked me off for $20. Later on that night I found out the chic was a dude. I kicked his ass but am I gay?
Answer: Not unless you go back for seconds. Just never mention this again to anybody. But if anything like this happens again then worry about yourself.

Question: How long would it take a gay guy to turn someone gay.
Answer: Well if it’s me, never. If someone can “TURN” you gay you’ve always been gay.  I don’t think they go around like some religious cult and brainwash you into thinking your gay. You are either gay… and always have been or not gay. (or swing both ways) But by asking this I think you might be thinking of coming out of the closet.

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9 thoughts on “Is that Gay?

  1. If you have a passion for women, and you love women sooo much that you want to become a woman yourself, are you gay?

    CyberHobo Wrote:
    Not one bone in my body… I just love makin’ love to them, I never said I wanted to be a women… are you hitting on me? Nothing wrong with being gay but head somewhere else if that is what you’re looking for.

  2. am attracted to feminine males, you know cd boys, ladyboys, transvesti, futanari, androgynous in appearance. I give but don’t received and am definitely not attracted in the least to male appearance. am I gay? or just fucked up in the head?

    • I think you might be headed toward full blown gay! You said you don’t receive but it makes you just as gay to give! Sorry pull out the dress and go all the way

  3. I love everything about the female but I once touched my (Male) friend butt for couple of minutes and I liked it and I don’t want to be gay but is that gay?

    • Well touching a guys butt for a few seconds is borderline, I’m afraid for a few minutes though… you might as well come out of the closet. Your friend as well for allowing it. I suspect both of you know that… so be proud! If you’re doing to do it be proud of it and not ashamed.

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