My Equipment

Handbook of Knots and Splices – Great little ebook for your equipment. 


A friend gave me a titanium fork/spoon as a give… nice but

cyberhoboknifeA knife under $30, the Schrade SCHF 36, I really like this survival knife.


 Only Carry the Equimpent that you’ll need 4 day a week.moraknive511MoraKnives 511, cheap knife (under $10) but gosh a great multi-purpose knife.

IMG_1100A nice ferro rod to start fires. (under $10)

IMG_1098A compass, whistle, match holder, and paracord combo.

IMG_1097Quick and Easy to use compass

IMG_1099The Chalk that comes in so handy! LOL

drinks4Well, you can probably guess what these are for.


The Famous CyberHobo Hat

my equipment

Yes, it is a Tilley ‘Outback” – Rock and Roll!IMG_1096The address book… don’t leave without one!!!

IMG_1211Here is my first address book. I found it to be too small for the information I was putting in there.

my equipment

 My monkey fist… my son made them for me.


It’s a Morakniv. They are inexpensive but will stand with $100 + knives and put them to shame. I’ve really abused this knife and still holds an edge.

my equipment

The Hobo Codes Cup… Awesome coffee cup!

my equipment

Everybody loves Nautica Blue… trust me on this one!

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