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If you’d like to join the annual Hobo Photos Contest just send me a link or copy or you Hobo Photo… $25 Prize awarded December 31, 2017, by voting of the participants.

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Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

I’m gathering up some photos of “HOBO SIGNS”. If anyone can send these to me that would be greatly appreciated. Please send them to Richard at cyberhobo dot com. Thanks in Advance for any help anyone can give. Take a piece of chalk and create some yourself.

Since as far back as anyone knows men have been traveling the world and leaving signs or markings that he’s been there or directions for future travelers. So thing space alien has done the same things. (Nazca Lines). Who knows exactly who is correct, maybe ancient alien did leave us signs and we’re not intelligent enough to recognize and believe them. Hobo Photos

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