Join Us

So you want to be a CyberHobo…

    1. Well before you join us and hit the road start gathering up what you’ll need, tent, cloths, blanket, transportation, etc. Are you going by foot, car, train, or my preferred method… Motorcycle! Sell everything you have and work like hell till you leave and save everything! Get the CyberHobo “How To” Guide Here! FREE
    2. Get a website, blog, twitter account, Facebook,  and Flickr account so your family and friends can keep in touch with you. A laptop is super-cool but most public libraries have computers you can use. Ask everyone you know to sponsor you for $1.00 per week while your on the adventure! Most people will commit to $1.00 per week or $5.00 a month. It may not sound like much but it adds up.
    3. Get an address book and get every family member, friend, friend or family and friends, etc. Get there email, and phone numbers as well. A soft couch or cot and water hose is better than sleeping in the woods.
    4. I recommend a digital camera and a free account as well. It will be nice to document the journey. People will donate money and follow your journey.
    5. The most IMPORTANT thing…. you attitude! You need to be as happy and entertaining as possible. A smile will feed you some nights. Remember your NOT homeless, you’re a CyberHobo going on an adventure of a lifetime!
    6. Learn how to play an instrument, juggle, sing, draw, orgomi, carve nickels, carve things from wood, or any other crafty trade that can make you some money when needed.
    7. Get a good hat. I know it sounds strange but I wear a Tilley hat. It’s a $100 hat but it’s has a lifetime guarantee that if it wears out they replace it for free. (one of my best investments)
    8. A set of good durable cloths (pants and shirt), and a great pair of walking shoes… you’ll be doing some walking so spend the money on a great pair!
    9. Business Cards – You can hand them to people and try to get some sponsors. (gimmicks are good)!

hobo card Printed