CyberHobo Lingo

Modern CyberHobo Lingo

CyberHobo Lingo – The language that new CyberHobos speak.
cyberhobo –
some who travels and makes a living through the internet
road dog / dawg
– travel partner
old man / lady – boy / girlfriend
oogle – poser (wannabee)
kid – anyone who is bucking the system
ground score – anything nice found on the ground
snipes – cigarette butts that are still smokable or can be re-rolled
white box – the box for leftovers from a restaurant
Bindlestiff – one who carries a bindle.
bike tourism – traveling the country on a bicycle
rubber tramp – someone who travels in a car
hobo – train rider, or works for a living
Padding the hoof – to travel by foot
homebum – someone who is homeless in one place
wingnut – crazy/insane in an unmanageable sense (homeless nut)
scamtrak – amtrak
dirty dog – greyhound
flying a flag – holding cardboard signs asking for help
strumpet – a female whore (always ask though)

As I gather more new cyberhobo lingo I’ll post it here and try to keep everyone up-to-date. If you have any questions feel free to contact me here. CyberHobo Lingo

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