What’s wrong with legalized prostitution?

biginsI want to bring up a sticky subject, Prostitution … no pun intended so don’t get exciting.

Is is so wrong that a woman wants to sell sexual services, by choice, and men are will to pay for the services. I mean really… If I have a date, I take the lady out to a nice dinner, and to a show or to the theater and maybe a desert. She had a great time and so did I … I’m trying to get some pussy, or a blow job. But that isn’t prostitution.

With a prostitute I’m just giving them the money and skipping dinner and a show, and I’m guaranteed some pussy. She makes some money, I blow a load… What a great deal?

Two consinting adults, both walk away happy. If it were to be legalized then the woman could have weekly checkups to make sure they’re healthy. They could take credit cards and establish a place of business, so the government gets there cut.

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