World is Backwards

Growing up my Dad told me, “Son if a cop says FREEZE… you act like a Popsicle, if they say stop, you stop. If they tell you to lay on the ground in a pile of shit you best do it or you may get shot.  Thanks Dad, that made sense.

Now if your black and the cops say freeze, that mean go ahead a run, or if they point a gun and the police the police shouldn’t shoot them.  It’s OK to charge the police and try to kill them because if the police do anything the NAACP and every black person in the community is going to be calling them racist and have them fired and prosecuted.

We do need new laws, if you point a gun at a cop your dead. If you run from the police you get shot. If you attack the police your going to get shot or get the crap beat out of you, Period. That applies to whites, blacks, spanish, muslims, asians, or whatever race, religion, or color they are.

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