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Well some have ask what is a CyberHobo? Good question, I guess you need to understand what a hobo is first.

A Quick Definition is:

A Hobo is a person that travels to work
A Tramp is a person that travels and wont work
A Bum is a person that will neither travel or work

The name "Hobo" first started appearing in the 1800's, one book says 1864. A Hobo is an independent and resourceful person who travels around for work. Most people look at the hobos. homeless and tramps, as being the same. That's like saying a Harley and Kawasaki are the same, they are both motorcycles or a BMW and a Yugo are the same!, hopefully you get the picture. A Hobo is a person who travels to work, but due to circumstance and/or desire is not tied to a permanent job or trade. They do what a lot of us wish we could do.

Jefferson Davis, who is believed to have once reigned as King of American Hobos, made his own distinction... "The hobo," he said, "does not believe that society owes him a living, but he does believe that society owes him a chance to care for himself..."

Well a CyberHobo is similar except in modern society instead of trains we have computers and the internet. Since 1992 CyberHobo's travel to work but use the Internet and computers as a trade. Being that trains are more scarce these day we don't always hop a train for transportation. We can travel and develop website while in journey to our new destinations, just as our brothers before us carved their famous "Hobo Nickels" for lodging or food. The work is different but the longing for the road is the same. We are just a much a Hobo's in our hearts as any has ever been.

The New Definition is:

A CyberHobo is a person that travels to work
A Homeless Person is a person who is at the moment is without a home, and it's not by choice!
A Tramp is a person that travels and won't work - they'd rather beg!
A Bum is still a bum... a person that will neither travel or work.

Being a CyberHobo is a way of Life...

Here is a list of some Famous Hobo's:

  • Louis L'Amour, author
  • James A. Michener, author, world traveler, historian
  • Jack London, on of the most famous authors of all time.
  • Winthrop Rockerfeller, Multi Millionaire.
  • Nels Anderson, author and song writer
  • William O. Douglas, Supreme Court Justice
  • Clark Gable, actor
  • George Milburn, college professor and author
  • Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy

Here is a list of some CyberHobo's: (short list)

Well if anyone has anything to add to this let me know. Also, If anyone has any pictures of some hoboes I'll be more than happy to pay for reprints.